Sunday, 9 July 2017

Once, During A Rainy Day...

Once, During a rainy day

Once, During a rainy day,
I had a lot of time to play,
To pick me up,
My mumma was not at the bus stop.

As she was stuck in a shop,
That gave me some time to gallop,
And it was non stop,
The tiny little drops.

It gave me a chance to splash,
Without worrying about the mess,
I enjoyed the water drops on my eyelash,
And some beautiful ideas flashed.

From my bag I took a paper out,
To make a house boat,
That would float,
And people smiled, wearing a rain coat.

Today again it’s a rainy day,
And I pray,
To pick me up,
My mumma was not at the bus stop.

But my idea flopped,
With an umbrella as a prop,
To pick me up,
My mumma was at the bus stop.


During A Rainy Day

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Saturday, 8 July 2017

Memories Of Childhood

Childhood mempries

Some childhood memories stick with us for a lifetime. They just end up being with us forever. These memories fills our mind with joy when we look back to the days of the childhood. I cannot say cares and anxieties do not trouble the child's mind. They are present there but of different kind which looks small to us as an adult but were big to us when we were a child. For example fear of homework not done or missing any important book, nails not cut, dirty shoes, breaking something etc.

Some of my childhood memories I am thankful for.

Sibling Love And Fight

I remember how my eldest brother would give us a ride on his bicycle, me sitting in front of him and my elder brother at the back, on the carrier. It was really fun. The fight among the siblings over small things can never be understood. I remember every Sunday how we used to mix together all the stationary like pen, pencil, eraser, pencil box, crayons etc. and then redistribute it among us equally. It just brings smile on my face whenever I recollect these memories. 

This quote really applies on us. 

Oldest Child - I make rules
Middle child - I'm the reason we have rules
Youngest child- The rules don't apply to me

Since I was the youngest child I had lot of privileges. It was fun for me watching my brothers fight. My elder brother when he was not able to win the fight from my eldest brother it was a scene to watch. He used to turn all the furniture of the house upside down. I would innocently watch all this and would enjoy the fun.

I really feel bad how this closeness and love changes when we grow up and are lost in our own world and forget how we used to spend time together seeing each other 24 by 7.

Spending time with nature

Our childhood was special one. I loved to play with the nature. Climbing guava trees and picking up the guava of my choice and even sharing it with my juniors who couldn't climb was really awesome. 

Eating sugarcane peeling it with my teeth while relaxing in the sun was like spending time in heaven. 

Children today are part of a digital generation surrounded by TV, laptop, tablets, smartphones, internet etc. Technology has changed childhood. They are spending more times in front of screens than playing outside.

Favorite TV programs

Now a days we can watch whatever we want whenever we want and for as long as we want.  In an age of cable TV, YouTube, internet etc. all this is possible. In our childhood days we had limited options. But whatever we had the enthusiasm for it was more than today.  

I really loved to watch some of my favorite TV programs like chitrahar, Sunday movies, Rangoli, Alice in the wonderland, duck tales, dekh-bhai-dekh, Ramayana, Mahabharata etc. When episodes of Ramayana used to come on Sundays you could rarely find people on the streets of the colony. 

I remember how impatiently we used to wait for the Saturday and Sunday movie and preparations were done in advance to watch the movie without any disturbance. And if there was a power cut we used to run to our neighbors place who had power-backups if ours didn't work or sometimes neighbors used to come to our place if their power-backups didn't work. It was mostly watching movies in groups with lot of people.

You can find some of the ways to store your memories on my another blogpost

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Sunday, 2 July 2017

Different ways to store Memories of Motherhood

Now a days we have lot of options of storing our memories fresh.

Some of the ways that can be used to keep the motherhood memories:

Photos and Videos - We can store photos and videos on hard disks, pen drive, memory card, Google drive, online photo albums, digital photo frames etc.

Photo frames, Collage and Posters - Creating a collage is a very good option which really helps us to combine the memories of a particular moment together. 

Photo Gifts - Personalized photo books, mugs, magnets, key chains, key rings, bags, coasters, blankets etc.

I would like to share something special with you all.

It would sound awkward but one of the ways to store my kids' memories became the "walls of our house" till it got painted recently after many years.

I don't remember how it all started but once started it was unstoppable by me. Walls of my house became a modern art gallery. 

First it started with shapes - squares, rectangles, circles, triangles etc. Then it was the turn of the lines - standing lines, sleeping lines and curves. Then after my kids graduated from playgroup to kindergarten, it was the turn of the letters, numbers, words etc. 

And their creativity was needless to point out. After the lower parts of the walls were full, they were in real need of more clean space, so they took the help of high objects like chairs, sofa, table etc. In this way higher levels of the walls also became part of this art gallery. 

Once I asked my kids how much you are going to scribble on the walls, there is no more clean space left now. The answer was - "Oh mummy can't u see, the ceiling is still all clean and u are saying no space left".  

By the time my elder one controlled her scribbling habit on the walls, my younger one was ready with full modern art skills, and all types of crayons, color pencils, water paint etc. 

The memories were so deeply scribbled on the walls that even after the house got painted some of the colorful dots still try to peep through the coat of the paint. Needless to say the plight of the people who painted the house.

I didn't wanted to paint the house as it would clear the memories, but I had no option left, so I took the photographs of the walls as much as possible. Sometimes I think we could have auctioned the modern art walls.


My blog is an outcome of the motherhood emotions and feelings as I am going through the journey of motherhood. Funny talks of the kids, their innocent questions and replies are an inspiration which compels me to cherish my motherhood emotions in the form of my blog posts. 

And I am very happy that I am storing all these motherhood memories in my blog. It brings a smile on my face whenever I read all this.

I am writing this post for #Mondaymommymoments or #MMM