Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Just Wanted To Be Free

My 5 year old slept while doing his homework at night. He got up early in the morning and said to me, mumma I have to finish my homework. I said ok, do it now. He had to write 4 pages. He was very busy doing it for a long time. After some time I said, time up, now u have to get ready for the school. Still last to last minute, he was trying to finish it. After finishing he is telling me, you know mumma this homework I have to submit after 4 days, on Monday.................I just wanted to be free.

Papa you are the best!!!

In my opinion Moms and Dads are just opposite. We moms are too much concerned about eating healthy and always doing right things. We keep on screaming whole day for every thing to be proper and correct.
One day I planned my day out. My husband was ready for babysitting the two tiny tots. I finished my shopping and other things fast. I was little worried about how they are going to be at home.  To my surprise, when I cam home all of them were having a wonderful time, without any restrictions. The house was a mess. They were very happy, enjoying and laughing. My husband was on TV, elder one was on laptop and the younger one on the tab. All of them were playing games and enjoying. They ate whatever junk food was available in the kitchen and were very happy and content. No one wanted to eat the food that has been prepared. How easy it is for the Papa's to manage these kids and make them happy.

Mumma's Stole As Mumma

One day I saw my little one holding my stole and sleeping. I asked him why u are holding my stole, he said innocently u were busy and not making me sleep. I wanted u therefore I took your stole that would give me the feeling of mumma making me sleep.

Sunday, 23 October 2016


My little one taking to his papa.....Papa tumhe kaise pata chala ki tumhari shaadi kab hai.........Papa hiding his laughter said, tumhe bata diya jayega, mere papa ne mujhe bataya. To bata do na meri shadi kab hai, tumhi to mere papa ho na.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Four Hands

I was convincing my little one to help me in putting back his toys at proper place. After a long explanation he helped me in cleaning the mess. Few minutes later he realized something and came to me and said mumma.............now you have four hands, two yours and two mine.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Sorry Mumma

When I am scolding my little one for doing something wrong he says sorry mumma, pretending to be holding his ears by putting his fingers deep inside the ears as if not listening to my words and that makes me forget everything and laugh like anything.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Dila Do Na New Toys

Everyday these little ones want new toys. Once they get a new toy, they play with it just for an hour and then none of them cares where and how and in what condition the toy is lying. After finished with all the reasons of convincing me to buy new toys, my daughter found one. Mumma aapko pata hai jab mai choti thi aur bolna nahi sikhi thi na, tab mai roti thi to aapko pata nahi chalta tha na mujhe kya chahiye,  aur mai kyu ro rahi. Tab mujhe toys chahiye hota tha. Ab to aapko pata chal gaya na. Fir dila do na mujhe new toys.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Punches For Sure

My daughter likes her brother when he sucks his thumb. She keeps on saying mumma he looks so cute when he sucks his thumb. Now when he does something wrong to her and she runs after him to give him some punishment.......sensing the danger he immediately puts his thumb in his mouth. Somehow this act of him calms down my daughter and instead of four-five punches she ends up giving one-two punches only. But yes punches for sure.

TV Remote Is Lost Again

My little ones don't want anybody to change the kids channel. And they have found a real good solution for it. After putting on the channel of their choice they will just hide the TV remote to some really unlikely places known to them only. They know our weakness that no one likes to sit down at the set-top box for changing the channel. So, while most of the time we are busy searching for the remote, these naughty kids are innocently watching their channel pretending to be unaware of the remote lost situation. 

Perfect Green Day

It was green day (vegetable day) for my son in the school. He was making me crazy. He wanted everything green - green shirt, green pant, green socks, green shoes and green hankie. Out of excitment he bumped his head and got a large green colour bump on his forehead...........Perfect green day :)
He was happy because now even his forehead green colour bump was matching with the green day.

Mumma Bas Pyar Karna Tha

As I was busy I asked my son to do few small things for me. After he finished he said mumma maine aapka bahut saara kaam kiya hai, aap mera ek kaam kar do. I thought he will ask me for some big favour so I said not now baby please after sometime. He said mumma bahut chota sa kaam hai. I said ok tell me. "Mumma bas pyar karna tha". This small kid made me even smaller in front of him. Lot to learn from these little ones.

Most Dangerous Bite

No Please "You Make The Most Dangerous Bite". This was the title given to me by my daughter when I asked her if I can make a bite for her, as she was eating very slowly. And I lost the opportunity of pushing veggies into her mouth which she was picking out from her food.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Super Mom!!!

Sometimes while watching Big Boss a TV show, my daughter would ask few questions about it. One day she told mumma, why don’t u go in the big boss. I explained to her, I am not famous, they are all celebrities there. She said but u are better than everyone present there.................

There will be so many times you feel like you have failed. But in the eyes, heart and mind of your child you are a super mom.

Madness in love

When my daughter started to crawl and move.  She used to fall down a lot and get herself hurt. To know how hard she was hurt and the impact of the fall,  I used to fall at the same angle from the same place in the same way like she fell.  This I always used to do to check how badly she was hurt. Also, before taking my kids for vaccination I used to pinch myself few times and do a rehearsal of how badly the needle is going to hurt them. My husband used to laugh at me for this act of madness. I don't know what kind of madness is this. Is this a madness in love? Isn't it too much of madness?

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Magic Wand

Both my mischievous kids asked me to make a magic wand and now they are trying to spell the magic on me only. Now when I am angry and scolding them, they will swing their magic wand and say, "Magic Wand please make our mom a good and loving mom". Who all believes that magic does not work in real life............It works. 

Friday, 7 October 2016

Colourful Signature

Searched all my secret places where I had hidden all the pens, could not find one. Finally saw some remains in the toy basket. Tried to fix all the parts together. Huhhhhhhhh, one pen bottom part was there, another pen top part. Tried hard to fix them but could not make a working pen. Then saw a pencil peeping through a toy, both sides were open but points were broken. Searched for sharpener, found two. Oh! what's happening pencil is not going inside any of them. There were crayon pieces stuffed in the sharpener. Whole house flooded with crayons, walls a modern art gallery. Finally signed with a crayon. Courier guy was shocked to see the colorful signature. All credit goes to my Chota Bheem and Bobby jaasoos.

You Are In Love

You know you are in love when.......
You keep singing Doraemon and Mickey Mouse songs
Instead of your favourite songs

You know you are in love when.......
You are downloading kids rhymes and movies
Instead of your favourite latest songs

You know you are in love when.......
You know all the cartoon characters
Instead of your movie/serial stars

You know you are in love when.......
You remember the timings of all the kids programs
Instead of your favourite programs

You know you are in love when.......
You remember checking new cartoon videos
Instead of checking facebook notifications

You know you are in love when.......
Your purse contains diapers and wipes
Instead of lipstick and powder

You know you are in love when.......
You are reading panchtantra books
Instead of your favourite novel

You know you are in love when.......
You are running after the birthday parties
Instead of your kitty parties

You know you are in love when.......
You are running for the kids activity classes
Instead of your hobby classes

You know you are in love when.......
You are not concentrating on the movie in the multiplex
Instead you have your fingers crossed

You know you are in love when.......
Every morning you are a smiling flower
And by the sunset you become a yelling monster

Yes, you are in LOVE
You are in love with your kids!!!


Some Other Trick Mom

I was teaching my son and he was not concentrating. He was not reading and throwing pencil and eraser. It made me angry and I screamed, I am not your mom from today. Please don't call me mummy. After a minute of silence he came to me and called me Aunty........Aunty!!! 

Mumma I Love You Infinity!!!

My younger one says, Mumma I love you 20, that is where his counting stops. He knows 1 to 20. For him 20 is the biggest number.

My elder one says, Mumma I love you lakh, she knows something called lakh which is the biggest number for her. Her counting stops at lakh.

I know I love my mumma infinity......................that is where my counting stops.

Mother!!! Your Eyes are my mirror...........

How deep babies see into our eyes. They can read our heart from our eyes. When my daughter was an year old, whenever she was wearing a new dress or a new hairstyle, I used to show her the mirror to see how she looked in the new style. But instead of looking into the mirror she used to look deep into my eyes and become very happy. It gave me a feeling that she is reading my heart and as long as I am happy with her new hairstyle or dress she doesn't need a mirror to see herself and become happy. Mother, your eyes are my mirror. Babies can see the entire world in our eyes.