Saturday, 28 January 2017

Magic Of Warmth

One day I went shopping leaving my kids and my husband at home. I gave them lot of instructions before leaving as what they have to do, what they have to eat, where the food is etc. I tried finishing my shopping fast as I was worried about them. There was a huge rush in the market as it was a festival season. I got really tired as I had to buy a lot of things. Still I felt nice as I thought it's always easy, fast and nice to shop without kids with you.

But when I reached home, I almost fainted seeing the condition of the house. The whole house was a mess. My husband was watching TV, my elder one was playing game on laptop, and the younger one was watching cartoon on the tab, lying on the bed made by joining all the cushions of the sofa on the floor.

The food that I had prepared was kept in the kitchen as I had kept them. No one cared to even touch it. The living room was flooded with wrappers of cookies and chocolates. The storage containers of the snacks were lying open on the table. Plates and glasses were kept on the sofa. Shoe rack was empty and the shoes were lined up outside the shoe rack.

There was a chair train made out of dining table chairs in the middle of the kitchen. Bed-sheets and blankets were flying in the sky in the shape of tent. Water colors, paint brushes and water were spilled all over the floor. All of them were enjoying to their fullest. Nobody was there to scold them for doing anything. All of them were free and independent to do whatever they wanted to do.

Seeing all this mess I could not control myself and I started screaming and scolding everybody. I told my kids I am not your mom don't call me "mummy" from today. And I preferred remaining silent to my husband showing my anger in my silence. I went inside my bedroom and locked the door from inside. 

After an hour I heard some knock-knock on the door. Somebody was calling "Aunty-Aunty". Hearing this soft voice compelled me to open the door. Both my kids were calling me "Aunty-Aunty". The map of the house was changed to the original, as I had left before leaving for shopping. My husband was standing with a cup of tea and that also my favorite one the "lemon tea". 

My favorite tea and the innocence of the kids calling me "Aunty-Aunty" melted my heart and I started crying holding all of them together with a tight hug. This was the touch of warmth which was needed to smooth things over.

Then I remember it was Friday night. It's our family head massage time where all of us sit together in a line, each one behind the other one massaging the head of the person in front of him with Parachute Advanced Hot Oil.

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