Monday, 23 January 2017

See Ya!!!

See Ya

All the celebrities of the apartment out for their big day........................parents can't control their happiness. 
Wow!!!" Relief for the whole day.

Over a period of time, I have come across following kinds of parents who come to drop their kids at the school bus stop of the apartment.

1) Always first in the queue be it a storm, rain, fog or anything.

2) Always late, whether the bus comes early or the bus comes late we can find them running always as usual.

3) Some feeding their kids on the way.

4) Some giving thousand instructions to their kid.

5) Some revising the lessons with their kids for the test.

6) Then there are few who keep throwing flying kisses until the bus is out of their sight.

7) Then there are few who are more than happy and cannot hide their emotions. What a relief for the whole day.

8) I have even come across few giving medicines or some cough syrup in the bus.

9) Some you will find coming right from their bed.

10) Some you will find are more conscious about their dress, hairstyle than interested in dropping their kids.

11) I have even come across a few who will run fast to the second bus stop to say one last goodbye.

12) You will find few running back to their apartment to bring something that they forgot like identity card or water bottle.

13) Then you can find few who are dressing their kids on the way, either combing hair or try to fix the tie, belt etc.

14) You can find few well dressed with their own bags too, to go directly to their office from the bus stop.

15) There are few who are writing some diary note or checking some books in the bag.

16) Then there are few with another sibling in the lap, pram or walking with them. Great fun for the little ones to enjoy this morning outing.

17) There are few who are well dressed in their jogging suits to start their morning exercise.

18) You can find few almost ready to meet their friends to start their morning chit-chat.

Now please don't ask me, I fall into which category. Maybe a mix of all of these. Once I was almost out of breath running to catch the bus. I will try adding to the list if found a new one. If you have come across few other interesting ones, u can write in the comment for me to include in this post.