Sunday, 18 June 2017

Three Things You Are Thankful For Improving Your Mood!!!

When my mood is off my face looks like a pumpkin. 

If you look closer,
U will find the invisible tracks of my tears........
But no smile my dear.

It is normal for everyone to be in bad mood at times. But bad part is we make those around us feel bad too. There is no reason for others to swing along with our bad moods. 

So we should learn the art of not making others around us victim of our bad mood. Our bad mood will run its course most of the times. And it will pass out of our mind easily. It depends upon individual how much time they take to come out of this situation.

Three things I am thankful for improving my mood are

Personal, Family Photos And Videos

This will definitely bring smile back on most of us. Whenever I see my family albums and videos, it definitely makes me smile. It works as a "Time Machine" and takes me to the time I want. I get lost in a movie where I am the lead actor. It starts reflecting everything that happened in my life, some good things and some bad things, things that I have achieved and things that I have lost. 

It helps me in letting go and overcoming my bad mood. I talk to myself and things really changes. It gives me a new purpose, new meaning and helps me in forgetting my bad mood. I really feel better and it improves my mood.

Chocolates And Music And Tears

What a deadly combination. I love chocolates, but not all of them. Dairy milk is my favorite, and when I am upset I eat lot of them. Good music is a mood booster no doubt. I have created an album of my favorite sad songs. I have recorded some of my favorite songs in my own voice. 

Now whenever I am upset I play that album and start eating chocolate and sometimes tears automatically starts rolling down my cheeks. And with all the tears my bad mood also gets lost.

Mom And Me 

Talking to my mom gives me peace and sometimes solutions to my problem. She understands me very well.  Sometimes when my mood is off, I call my mom and have "mom and me time". 

She is a social network that works without internet. We talk for hours. She gives me information about so many people that I forget about myself in that moment of time.

Talking to her makes me forget my bad mood and when I cut the phone, I am definitely relaxed and it lifts my mood up.

I am writing this post for #ThankfulThursdays


  1. Time with mom is the best time. She understands it all and cheers up to:)

  2. Welcome to ThankfulThursdays :) Mom is my go-to too!
    A sad list... and some songs recorded in your own voice!!WOW! That's actually a very cool way to be sad ;)

  3. oh, and pumpkins are adorable : ;)

  4. Loved all your ways of improving mood .Chocolatest and music help me too!Mom and me time that you described made me smile .
    Thank you for writing with us for #Thankful Thursdays. Loved reading your post

    1. Thanks a lot Amrita!!! I am glad that you liked my post.