Sunday, 29 January 2017

WOW - Holding Hands!!!

She had an arranged marriage. The way she was brought up, her culture, family values, respect for her parents etc. made her give this big responsibility on the shoulders of her parents. She knew they will take the best decision for her.

So one fine day she was told to take leave from her office for a week to meet a guy and if things go well there would be an engagement ceremony. Her parents had already known the family and had finished with all the initial talks.

So as a good girl she did as she was told. They met in a temple and had a talk for about 30 minutes. It was a yes from both the parties and engagement happened the very next day. 

She still wonders how such a big thing called "Arranged Marriage" works. Such a big decision of being with someone for the rest of your life, can be taken in 30 minutes. But again the chances of success or failure is always there in both kinds of marriages whether it's a love marriage or an arranged marriage.

After the engagement ceremony they exchanged their phone numbers for the first time.

Then began the exchange of messages from "good morning", "good night", "love you" and finally to "hate you", for more than six month's time.

Since they were working in two different cities they didn't get any chance to meet on a regular basis. But after about 2-3 months, one day she got a message that he is in her city coming to her office in an hour. Since her brother was also there in the same city at that time, she informed him about this. 

Now it was the time for her brother to show his love for his sister. So, before he came to her office, her brother came. And before he met her, they met. They spent whole evening together. Needless to mention all three of them. It was like three strangers walking together.

After sensing all good and satisfied her brother took the decision of not coming for their tomorrow's meeting. 

Each day brings a miracle of its own. They fixed a place and time for their meeting. On the way, she bought a small book of beautiful love quotes for him from Archie's gallery.

They met at the designated place, just two of them. They went to a temple first. Then they went to cafe coffee day. A lot can happen over coffee. Since they had a full day to pass they kept sitting there till evening and kept ordering a new thing after every half an hour. They tried almost everything on the menu there.

As most of the boys are, he also had no idea about what gift to bring for her. He wanted to buy something for her as per her choice. So they went to a mall to buy some gift. Till this time it was still like two strangers walking together. They were walking together maintaining a distance of one hand as it is told in the schools before starting Mass PT, "take one hand distance".

It is said that "When you want something, the whole universe conspires to make it happen".
Just then, something happened that shrank that one hand distance and converted it to hold hands together forever. 

Everything happens for a purpose. While coming down from the stairs she didn't know how but she slipped four-five steps of the stairs and got hurt. Few people standing there started staring and laughing. She almost felt like crying. 

Then as a Hero comes for rescuing the heroine in the Bollywood movies, he came for her rescue. Love changes everything and that one hand distance changed to hold hands together for that time and for the lifetime. 

Holding hands that time felt to her like a promise to one another that, for just that moment, the two of them don't have to face the world alone. That was the first time in true sense she was holding hands of someone she loved.

She has fallen down so many times and has stood up but falling that time gave her an opportunity of togetherness. Now the other two days of their meeting were completely different. They did not leave their hands even for a minute. They were holding hands and walking together everywhere. It made them come close to each other. It gave them a feeling of togetherness. 

On the day of her marriage she whispered in his ears "I want to fall hundred times if you are there to hold my hands".

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