Friday, 16 June 2017


Do you think all dads are superheroes?

Parenting is not an easy task. Being a parent is like being a superhero many times.

In my opinion a superhero dad is someone who may or may not participate in all the daily activities of the kid but still he is more connected and concerned about them.

Most of the dad's are not good in showing emotions.

Some dads will never tell his kids about his feelings but you can tell easily how much he loves his kids by understanding and realizing the small things that he does for them.

It’s not always the nappy change thing or feeding the kids or making them study that matters. We should not always measure the noticeable thing that a dad does for his kids. 

In my opinion there are so many invisible things that dads do which make them a real superhero or I think we should call them "invisible superheroes".

Generally mothers do most of the work of her baby that is physical, and visible to everyone. But the work that a dad does, since it is not visible to us nobody notices it and most of the time he does not gets the credit. His actions are seldom talked about.

Mothers always wish the dads could take care of their babies like she does. I think what a dad does is beyond that which makes him a superhero in real sense.

I still remember when I was a kid and get fever, I would say my mom, please call papa from office. I believed that like a superhero he will come and save me from my illness.

Sometimes you will think dad is not helping his kids and is kind of rude. But later you realize that his action was to make the kid more strong, rough and tough. Sometimes he will not hold his kid's hands when he is into some problem, but when he offers a few words of advice it creates miracle.

Everybody is not good at everything. If you feel that dad is not helping you in some baby work, there is no need to feel sad about it thinking he is not a super hero or super dad. Everyone has some talents where he is good at. 

You can always take help from him in so many other ways, where he is good at and make him a real superhero. Yes, a mom can make the dad a superhero by understanding his potentials and ignoring his shortcomings.

So let's be real and harness each other's true potential. Bring your strength to supplement his area of weakness.

When I asked my daughter what all qualities she wants in his superhero dad, she said she wants "six packs".

And my little one said he wanted his superhero dad to "fly" taking him on his back.

I couldn't control my laughter………........

I am writing this post for #Mondaymommymoments or #MMM


  1. Welcome to the world of Mommy moments. Thanks Megha for linking up with #MMM

    1. Thanks!!! Happy to be part of it......

  2. Megha I think both ypur children wished right .I would love my dad to have 6 packs and fly too!Just amazing how right children are .Thanks for writing with us for#MondayMommyMoments.

    1. Thanks Amrita!!! Happy to be part of #MMM.