Sunday, 18 June 2017

Three Things You Are Thankful For Improving Your Mood!!!

When my mood is off my face looks like a pumpkin. 

If you look closer,
U will find the invisible tracks of my tears........
But no smile my dear.

It is normal for everyone to be in bad mood at times. But bad part is we make those around us feel bad too. There is no reason for others to swing along with our bad moods. 

So we should learn the art of not making others around us victim of our bad mood. Our bad mood will run its course most of the times. And it will pass out of our mind easily. It depends upon individual how much time they take to come out of this situation.

Three things I am thankful for improving my mood are

Personal, Family Photos And Videos

This will definitely bring smile back on most of us. Whenever I see my family albums and videos, it definitely makes me smile. It works as a "Time Machine" and takes me to the time I want. I get lost in a movie where I am the lead actor. It starts reflecting everything that happened in my life, some good things and some bad things, things that I have achieved and things that I have lost. 

It helps me in letting go and overcoming my bad mood. I talk to myself and things really changes. It gives me a new purpose, new meaning and helps me in forgetting my bad mood. I really feel better and it improves my mood.

Chocolates And Music And Tears

What a deadly combination. I love chocolates, but not all of them. Dairy milk is my favorite, and when I am upset I eat lot of them. Good music is a mood booster no doubt. I have created an album of my favorite sad songs. I have recorded some of my favorite songs in my own voice. 

Now whenever I am upset I play that album and start eating chocolate and sometimes tears automatically starts rolling down my cheeks. And with all the tears my bad mood also gets lost.

Mom And Me 

Talking to my mom gives me peace and sometimes solutions to my problem. She understands me very well.  Sometimes when my mood is off, I call my mom and have "mom and me time". 

She is a social network that works without internet. We talk for hours. She gives me information about so many people that I forget about myself in that moment of time.

Talking to her makes me forget my bad mood and when I cut the phone, I am definitely relaxed and it lifts my mood up.

I am writing this post for #ThankfulThursdays

Friday, 16 June 2017


Do you think all dads are superheroes?

Parenting is not an easy task. Being a parent is like being a superhero many times.

In my opinion a superhero dad is someone who may or may not participate in all the daily activities of the kid but still he is more connected and concerned about them.

Most of the dad's are not good in showing emotions.

Some dads will never tell his kids about his feelings but you can tell easily how much he loves his kids by understanding and realizing the small things that he does for them.

It’s not always the nappy change thing or feeding the kids or making them study that matters. We should not always measure the noticeable thing that a dad does for his kids. 

In my opinion there are so many invisible things that dads do which make them a real superhero or I think we should call them "invisible superheroes".

Generally mothers do most of the work of her baby that is physical, and visible to everyone. But the work that a dad does, since it is not visible to us nobody notices it and most of the time he does not gets the credit. His actions are seldom talked about.

Mothers always wish the dads could take care of their babies like she does. I think what a dad does is beyond that which makes him a superhero in real sense.

I still remember when I was a kid and get fever, I would say my mom, please call papa from office. I believed that like a superhero he will come and save me from my illness.

Sometimes you will think dad is not helping his kids and is kind of rude. But later you realize that his action was to make the kid more strong, rough and tough. Sometimes he will not hold his kid's hands when he is into some problem, but when he offers a few words of advice it creates miracle.

Everybody is not good at everything. If you feel that dad is not helping you in some baby work, there is no need to feel sad about it thinking he is not a super hero or super dad. Everyone has some talents where he is good at. 

You can always take help from him in so many other ways, where he is good at and make him a real superhero. Yes, a mom can make the dad a superhero by understanding his potentials and ignoring his shortcomings.

So let's be real and harness each other's true potential. Bring your strength to supplement his area of weakness.

When I asked my daughter what all qualities she wants in his superhero dad, she said she wants "six packs".

And my little one said he wanted his superhero dad to "fly" taking him on his back.

I couldn't control my laughter………........

I am writing this post for #Mondaymommymoments or #MMM

Sunday, 11 June 2017

I Am happy When.....

Have you ever thought what an empty lunch box can give?

Empty Lunch Boxes

Happiness can be found in little things that surrounds us. Simple things can bring big smile on our faces. There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy.

My world revolves around my kids. And my thoughts revolve around what food to prepare for them so that they enjoy it and finish it fast.  I know it is going to sound awkward for few of you, but I am happy when "I take out empty lunch boxes from my kids' school bag after they come from school". Empty lunch boxes gives me happiness.

Yes, very true, I am happy when my kids finish their meals without any hassles. It brings big smile on my face. It gives me great satisfaction that they ate something healthy which gave them some energy to work hard in the school.

It's kind of mission accomplished thing for me. My kids are fussy eaters. It is very stressful to throw out uneaten food for me. If it is some dry food item which can still be eaten, then I make them finish it first, before giving them new food again. Sometimes it becomes really hard to handle this.

I think it's a dream of every mom that their kids eat well without any hassles. And it's not that fussy eater's mom's don't try hard. We try hard and of course we try giving them every kind of food. And what I believe is, not every habit can be changed. It can be improved up to some extent only.

So you are lucky if your kid eats properly. It's not always your effort that pays. Some kids eat properly by themselves. I have applied so many tricks to prevent mealtime hassles. But it doesn't work always.

For me, it takes less time to cook food than to make my kids finish their food.

We try eating together at home so that I can praise them when they are eating really well and fast. 

Some kids are slow eaters and some are fast eaters. My elder one eats very slow that sometimes I have to say, your breakfast will become lunch if you keep eating at this speed.

Getting my kids eat vegetables requires begging, threats, lecture and lots of tactics.

Sometimes we have to resort to the tricks like - no desert after the food or no other food for few hours etc.

So, I am really happy when my kids' finish their food that I prepare for them without any of the above kind of fights. If they finish their meals properly then it gives me a feeling that my work for the day really got finished. It gives me a mission accomplished feeling and a feeling of victory. On the other hand, I feel frustrated and annoyed, if I have to face mealtime hassles. And when mom is happy, whole house becomes happy automatically. 

So, empty lunch boxes and hassle free mealtime's gives me happiness in true sense.

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