Sunday, 28 May 2017

My Secret Superpower

Let It Go

Close your eyes, clear your heart, smile and let it go.
We shouldn’t over think, just let it go. My peace is more important.

This is my secret superpower that I have and I am still trying to improve it.

I am very good at analyzing the behavior of the people around me.

My secret super power tries to understand the reason for people behaving in a particular way.


Whenever there is any kind of clash between me and people close to me, I just let it go. I forgive them not because they deserve my forgiveness but because I feel for them and try to understand the situation or condition or problem with them that made them behave in such a way. I try to analyze the reasons that made them behave in such a way. What might be the deeper issues triggering those reactions in them. In this way it doesn’t hurt much and I become normal very fast, after the misunderstanding created.

I believe that it is the situation around us that makes us behave in a particular way and the circumstances makes us the person that we are. And if we don't get proper guidance and support at the right moment then we develop some bad qualities .

People who appear to be mean or hurtful, usually they don’t do it intentionally. It’s the side effect of some situation or event that happened to them in the past. But, yes, there are always exceptions to this.

In my opinion, "let it go" is something which can help in building strong relationships.

What I believe is, if there is some kind of fight between two people in any relationship, before coming to the conclusion if we consider and analyze the situation or circumstances around them that made them behave in that particular way then relationship can move in good direction.

Sometimes we have some difference of opinion with our dear ones on few things. What I realize is, most of the times, no one is wrong, all of us are correct at our own place. It’s just that priorities and circumstances are different for different people. So instead of having an argument with them, we should start listening to them which could make our relationships more strong. So, here let it go means understanding everyone's situation of having a different opinion and let go the resentment.

I don't take time in saying "sorry" to people who are important to me because my peace is more important to me than anything else. We can become more efficient in this by making our heart and brain more in sync.

Anger is a natural reaction. All of us get angry from time to time. But while anger might be inevitable, the way we express it is not. Holding on to anger for a long time will mature into bitterness. If we don't sort it out soon it can become corrosive for our relationship.

Sometimes when we have an argument with our partner and there is an exchange of harsh words, just try to understand the reason for them behaving in such a manner. We shouldn’t keep the bitterness in our heart. Let go the bitterness as fast as possible. We should become the silence breaker after the fight. We should make the first move and say "sorry" or "I love you" or "it’s OK" or whatever we wish and watch the other person melt.

I believe the one who takes the first step is the real winner in the fight.

So, let go of bitterness, let go of argument, let go of grudge, let go of sourness, let go of anger, let go of grievance, let go of resentment, let go of hatred, let go off ego and let there be only love, peace and happiness.

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